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How to Make Cuban Espresso

How To Make Cuban Espresso


So you want to know how to make Cuban espresso? Great!  As you probably know, a Cuban espresso is an espresso that is sweetened with sugar as it is brewed (though other drinks have come be known as Cuban espresso).

The first thing you’ll need to make a killer Cuban espresso is the right beans.  Aficionados swear by Cuban-style brands such as Bustelo, Pilon and La LLave, though any very dark, Columbian-style roast will work just fine.

Before you try making a Cuban espresso, you should learn how to make a regular espresso first.

So, here’s how you make a Cuban espresso:

1.  Using an espresso machine, add the desired amount of finely ground coffee.

2.  For every demitasse (half) cup of espresso you want to make, use one teaspoon of sugar. The key to Cuban espresso is that it be very sweet. The trick is to put the sugar into the glass carafe before you brew the coffee.

3.  Brew the coffee just as you would an espresso. The coffee will pour over the sugar in the carafe as it brews. After it is finished filling the carafe, stir it briskly as there will still be a little undissolved sugar. Pour the coffee into several demitasse cups and enjoy.

As a note, for Cafe con Leche, simply use 2 parts Cuban Coffee to 1 part steamed milk.

Well, I hope that gets you started with making great espresso.

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