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How to Make a Perfect Espresso

No Comments15 July 1:22


I wrote a new article on how to make a perfect espresso.  It takes some skill and knowledge but you can easily learn how!  Here’s a little snippet…

The Grind

Coffee ground for steam-driven machines will need to be finer (it’ll take longer) than for the pump-driven machine because steam-driven machines don’t pack the “oomph” that pump-driven machines do when pushing the water through the grounds.

The heat and humidity level of where your beans are stored even affects the taste of the espresso, but that’s something covered in more detail in our eBook on espresso making.

The Ratio of Coffee to Water

You should be using approximately one tablespoon of grounds to every ounce of water. This is an important ratio as putting too little or too much water can lead to over- or under-pulling your shot. As you know, there are 8 ounces in a cup of water.

The Procedure

To read the rest just click here.


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