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How to Make Espresso From Regular Coffee

No Comments16 July 12:25

Hey there,

So you want to know how to make espresso from regular coffee?  Cool, we can help.  :)   I wrote an article on just that, and here’s a snippet…

Is it the bean?

No. People have been lead to believe that the type of bean determines whether a brew is espresso or not. This isn’t true. Any type of bean can be used to make good espresso. You can absolutely make great espresso from “regular” coffee beans, though “espresso” beans are usually stronger.

Is it the blend

No. There are “espresso” blends but they don’t make it espresso. The pursuit of the perfect espresso blend has led to this common misunderstanding. Some roasters even say that good espresso can only be made with the right type of blends.

Is it the roast?

No. Some think that espresso must be an extremely dark roast; however the espresso roast varies from region to region. In California, you will see a dark or “French” roast. On the east coast, a light roast is common. And in Northern Italy, a medium roast is normally chosen. The fact is, any roast can be used to make good espresso. It is simply a matter of taste. If you like stronger, more bitter coffee, use a darker roast. If you like lighter coffee, use a lighter roast.

To learn more, just head on over to the article!


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