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How to Make an Espresso

No Comments13 July 1:30

Hey there,

I just wrote a new article for called How to Make An Espresso.  Here’s a little excerpt…

Before you continue, make sure you understand the basics of making espresso. If you don’t know what a tamper or porta-filter is, read this article on espresso basics first!

Now, the different phases of making a great espresso are roasting the beans, blending them, grinding them, tamping them and then making the espresso.

The first thing you’ll need is a high-quality espresso machine. There are many choices here, so we recommend you look at our guide to help you choose the machine that will best fit your needs.

The next thing you’ll need is the right coffee grinder. Once again, you have some options as to grinders, so we recommend you check out some different coffee grinders.

In the article you’ll find everything you need to know to start making great espresso right away.

Click here to view the article.


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