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Choosing The Perfect Espresso Machine

No Comments16 July 1:16


Are you trying to decide which espresso machine to buy?  I just wrote an article on choosing the perfect espresso machine that might help!

Here’s a little snippet…

Your first option is Super Automatic Espresso Machines, which are the easiest to use, have the lowest learning curve, but are also the most expensive type of machine on the market.

The next type of machine to consider is Semi Automatic Espresso Machines, which are the most popular style chosen for home use because they produce an excellent product and are fairly easy to use.

Next on the list are Manual Espresso Machines, which are traditional style machines reflecting the original prototypes invented to create a consistent and flavorful cup of espresso. These machines are recommended for true coffee aficionados and those who truly enjoy the process and effort involved in making a cup of espresso.

Head on over and check it out!


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