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Buy The Rancilio Silvia? Don’t do it until you’ve reviewed it.

No Comments20 July 21:50

“Buy the Rancilio Silvia” is all you’d hear three years ago.  Miss Silvia is a legend in the world of espresso makers and is still the standard by which all semi-automatics are judged, so it’s safe to say that you will get a solid, dependable machine.

The technology of espresso machines is advancing quickly, though.  Super-automatics are getting better and better at imitating the art and skill of a real espresso fiend.  Even new semi-automatics are making it easier and easier to pull that perfect shot.  So, is the iconic Rancilio Silvia still worth its weight in golden crema or has the old given way to the new?

Check out our exclusive review of the Silvia and decide for yourself.  Click here!


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